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A guide for our professionals and practice.
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The interactions of the Living Clean Director, House Manager, and volunteers, with the residents will be governed by ethical standards. Residents in our housing have the right to expect ethical behavior from the Living Clean Director, House Manager, and volunteers. Following ethical guidelines will protect the residents and the Living Clean House staff from inappropriate relationships and interactions.  

The Living Clean house strives to maintain a respectful environment built on honesty and trust. Focusing on our resident’s individual growth to include those core principles is important to us.  
Living Clean house members will: 

  • Conduct our business honestly and ethically. 
  • Treat all persons with dignity and respect. 
  • Safeguard a person’s privacy and confidentiality per local, state, and federal requirements. 
  • Not threaten or comment on an act of physical or emotional abuse. 
  • Not become romantically or physically involved with persons currently housed (or housed in the past) 
  • Not engage in harassment 
  • Not discriminate due to race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, national ancestry, or economic condition (does have the latitude to outline specialty population served) 
  • Strive for continued personal growth and self-improvement through mindfulness, education, training, and consultations.  

The Living Clean house has the following procedure set in place: 

  1. All contact with Living Clean House Residents respectful and professional, at all times, whether it be the Living Clean house Director, House Manager, or a volunteer.  
  2. Anyone who observes or has substantial reason to believe that the Living Clean Director, House Manager, or volunteers have engaged in unethical behavior in violation of this policy must report that behavior in confidence to their foreperson. Likewise, if the Living Clean Director or a volunteer is to believe a resident has behaved with him in such a way as to provoke or invite unethical behavior must report that interaction to the Living Clean Director. 
  3. If a Resident fails to comply at any time, this breach will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including probable eviction. The Living Clean House Director, house manager, and volunteers will also be oriented to this policy and indicate understanding and agreement to comply.  

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