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These FAQs should answer most of your questions about arriving at Living Clean and Inspired.

How Does Living Clean Work?
Residents are referred to us or they contact us directly. After making contact with the perspective Resident, we schedule an interview and have them complete an application. Their application will be reviewed, vetted and a background check performed.
How Long Does It Take to Get Started?
Once you are approved for the program, you can get started right away! The approval less takes less than a week to get approved.
Is There a Limit on the Length of Time I Can Stay?
Yes, there is a limit on the length of a resident’s stay. A resident can only stay for a maximum of 5 years.
Is There a Deposit for Your Program?
Yes, there is a deposit. The amount varies for each location.
What Types of Affiliates Are Part of Your Program?
We have a variety of affiliates in our program. They include NARR, WAQRR, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, social influencers, authors, publishers, and bloggers.
When May I Move In?
A resident can move in once he has been approved, admission documents completed, first month’s rent and deposit have been received.
Where Do I Park?
It is recommended that you park on the street or in the driveway. No parking on the lawn.
What If I Arrive After Hours?
A limited number of staff are available after hours to help you. If you arrive after hours, you will be able to contact the House Manager or other resident to assist you. Instructions for reaching the on-call residence or House Manager are posted on the main door of the House.
How Do I move in My Belongings?
The best way to get you and your belongings here is to have your parents or a friend bring you. We are unable to accept any packages arriving prior to move-in day, and we cannot allow shipping companies direct access to resident spaces. You must be moved in and then give them access to your room following all guest guidelines.
What’s in My Room?
Rooms are furnished with extra-long twin single beds, desks, chairs, and drawer space for each resident. They also include closets, mirrors, wastebaskets, bookshelves, general lighting, and curtains or blinds.
How Do I Set Up My Internet Connection in My Room?
Wi-Fi access and in-room, wired connections are provided throughout the residence home, supported by Xfinity. The internet username and password are posted.
Can You Get Kicked Out for Not Paying Your Rent?
Yes, Living Clean has a strict policy on paying rent. Residents are responsible for paying their rent by the first of each month, no later than the fifth of the month. If there are unusual circumstances, a person may be allowed to pay their rent late and there will be a late fee. When a resident pays his rent late, his actions affect the entire house. Paying rent on time teaches discipline and personal responsibility. So, your actions don’t just affect you. If you don’t keep up with rent or shrug off your payment responsibilities.
How Much Does a Room Cost?
Living Clean room rates vary with each location. All of our homes are located in residential areas, providing a comfortable and warm environment. Each room comes furnished. 
What Are Some Typical Rules?
Our transitional homes are for just one gender, MALE. It has been our experience that making our homes gender-specific allows us to limit potential sexual or romantic situations. Our homes have strict policies against all mind-altering, mood-changing substances. All medication must be kept in a lockbox. We scrutinize over the counter medications, medication prescribed by physicians and personal care items that could jeopardize a residents’ recovery, put the house at risk as a whole, or cause a relapse because it contains addictive drugs or alcohol. 
How Long Does Someone Stay?
Our homes are intended to serve as a stepping stone for individuals transitioning from homelessness or treatment. However, some may stay longer depending on their circumstances. If they are doing well in the home and keeping up with the requirements, a resident may stay up to 5 years. 
Does Living Clean Allow Residents with Criminal Backgrounds?
Yes, most of our residents have a criminal background or may be in the process of dealing with legal trouble. The men that enter our program are seeking a good place to be while they get the details of their sober lifestyle figured out. We do not accept residents with cases in arson, violent felonies, or sex offenders. 
Are There Rules for Living Clean?
There are a few rules in place to keep everyone safe, emotionally, and physically.
Do we encourage using Suboxone While in Transitional Living and Recovery Housing?
Living Clean and Inspired does not in any way encourage the use of Suboxone in a casual or ongoing manner, or in any manner shown to be contrary to that of the instructions of a qualified physician. This opiate-based “miracle drug” is estimated to be up to 40-60 percent more potent than morphine and more addicting than heroin, and thus should be taken with great caution and on a short-term basis only.

Do you have more questions? Please let us know by sending us a message or giving us a call.