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Get to know how our facility has come about.
depressed man looking at the window

Living Clean and Inspired has been providing Transitional Housing in Thurston County since 2016. We provide supportive recovery-oriented transitional housing. We ascribe to the best practices and guiding principles in order to deliver the best care possible. We practice ethical principles that place resident safety as the chief priority. 

We know transitioning from homelessness or addiction into lasting recovery is often a difficult and emotionally trying journey without stable housing. For many, stable housing can be one of the biggest factors in them staying abstinent. Our research shows stable housing and community support are a critical aspect of achieving and maintaining recovery.

We offer services that will enrich a residents’ journey. We connect them to community resources that will allow them to grow and advance their recovery. We want to see our residents obtain long term recovery and become valuable members of society.

We have expanded our house network to remove the stress of homelessness in the Thurston County area. Our goal is to touch as many lives as possible. We believe that all lives matter and no person deserves to be homeless.

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