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You Can Have Fun in Recovery - Pierce & Thurston County
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Living Clean and Inspired offers an opportunity for each resident to begin an exciting journey in recovery. “But we aren’t a glum lot. If [residents] could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.” Each resident has unlimited access to indoor and outdoor recreational activities that keep residents healthy, engaged and motivated. Recovery should be informative and fun now and beyond.


Recovery is a “we” program. This means we do not do it alone. We believe fellowship is vital to success in recovery. Being connected to others can help motivate you and others to succeed. Living together or being a part of a recovery group provides a regular reminder of just how bad addiction can be, and it can motivate you to stay on the path to sobriety.

Everyone who lives at Living Clean is equal. Each member is considered important, and each resident has an equal say. Residents are encouraged to attend Zoom meetings, in person meetings, get a sponsor, and practice the principals of a 12-step program.

Additional sober fellowship opportunities include:

  • AA/NA events
  • ZOOM meetings
  • Attendance of local events
  • Personal free time
  • Calling others in recovery


You do not have to recover alone. We can still recover together under any condition. Zoom meetings are a web-based video conferencing tool that allows those in recovery around the world to meet online, with or without video. Zoom meetings require an access code and sometimes, password to enter a meeting.

Zoom meetings provide a means for those in recovery to stay connected. They are easy to access and connect people from all areas of life. It is a fun way to interact from the safety of your home.


Meetings are instrumental in helping teach residents how to stay clean and sober and prevent relapse. All 12-Step meetings encourage participation in meetings. In Pierce and Thurston County, 12-Step Meetings occur every day. The Alacoma Club and Olympia Alano club offer daily 12-Step meetings. Meetings allow members to connect at a deeper level and enjoy continued fellowship.


At Living Clean and Inspired, we encourage residents to pursue fitness because research has shown it helps reduce stress, anxiety, addiction-related withdrawal symptoms and lessen cravings. Recovery is about returning to a healthy state of mind and body. There are several gyms in the area that offer 24-hour access.

**Always consult your physician before beginning any serious exercise regimen, especially if you have any medical condition. **


Living Clean and Inspired and the Pacific Northwest offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for residents and alumni. Events and activities include, but are not limited to:

Get out explore and play

Indoor & Outdoor Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Water Activities and Beaches
Hiking and Biking Trails
Bonn Fires
Parks and Playgrounds
Bungee jumping
Meditation Centers
Explore Nature & Wildlife
Bird Watching
Rock Climbing


Living Clean requires residents to gain employment within 45 days of being accepted into our program. Most residents utilize WorkSource, Labor Works, Labor Ready or other day-labor services to find employment. WorkSource is a comprehensive One-Stop Career Centers which provides a full array of employment and training related services for residents. The day labor agencies not only helps residents gain but trains them on how to maintain employment. Employment is an essential part of recovery.

Services include:

  • Assessments.
  • Job listings, referrals and hiring events.
  • Résumé and application assistance.
  • Internet access for job searches.
  • Workshops on résumés, interviewing and other programs.
  • Computers, copiers, fax machines, phones and other office equipment.
  • Access to information about unemployment insurance.