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Housing and Recovery through Peer Services (HARPS) program



Kimberly Wash
Teresa Nisbet


Homelessness is traumatic, cyclical, and puts people at risk for mental health and substance use disorders. Homelessness also interferes with one’s ability to receive services, including services for behavioral health conditions, and jeopardizes the chances for successful recovery.

The Housing and Recovery through Peer Services (HARPS) program builds on the successes of the Permanent Options for Recovery-Centered Housing (PORCH) project. PORCH provided consumers with meaningful choice and control of housing and support services, using peer housing specialists. The HARPS project reduces homelessness and supports the recovery and resiliency of individuals with serious mental illness.

Eligibility requirements HARPS priority populations:

  • Individuals who experience behavioral health disorders (either a mental health disorder, substance use disorder or both) and who demonstrate a medical necessity for inpatient behavioral health services; or
  • Individuals who are discharged from or at risk of entering: o Psychiatric inpatient settings; or
  • Substance abuse treatment inpatient settings.
  • Individuals who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness (broad definition of homeless, couch surfing included).